Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Grunions #0456-0470: The Crime Limes

Secret Mystery Club Grunions for March 2007 (limited edition of 5 sets):

The Crime Limes

Size: 7" tall
Habitat: space ships
Food: Bio-Burgers & Bio-Kolas
Special Attack: very silly crimes
Notes: the Crime Limes are so bored with this galaxy that they resort to hiring themselves out to commit silly crimes. They don’t care about what you say, they believe only in anarchy & chaos. When they aren’t out committing crimes like getting sushi & not paying, the crime limes sniff glue, collect rare UK 82 punk records, drink cheap lager & eat many packets of Bio-Crisps. They also edit a fanzine called Bolonga. Known Crime Limes are: Limystery, Ghost lime & The Black Lime.