Friday, October 26, 2007

Grunion #0480: Yeti

yeti (aka the abominable snowman)

Yeti made for Anne.
Fake fur, felted wool sweater, felt & plastic eyes.
Approximately 10" tall.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Grunions #0477-0479: Garibaldis

Secret Mystery Club Grunion for September 2007 (super-limited edition of 3):


Size: 7” tall
Habitat: graveyards
Food: blood worms
Special Attack: unpleasant odor
Notes: Garibaldi is a bat demon from the much marshes of Transylvania. Great clouds of Garibaldis swoop from the low-lying fog & guzzle copious amounts of blood worms from the bait cups of unsuspecting fishermen. When they aren’t eating fishing bait, the Garibaldis haunt the lonely churchyards, tying weeds in knots & digging small holes in order to trip fail old women. The Garibaldis love the sound of breaking hip bones. Legend has it that any children who spill their family’s bait will be spirited away by the Garibaldis, never to be seen again.