Tuesday, February 23, 2010

simple table fort


I made a simple table cover so the kiddos could have a fun fort to play in on rainy days. This project took 8 yards of unbleached muslin and a few hours of sewing.

It's made of three pieces of fabric: one on the top and two on the sides (this creates a doorway on each short end of the table). I measured my table (length=L, width=W, height=H) and cut out one piece L+1" x W+1", and two pieces L+W+6" x H+2". I finished the short ends of the side pieces by turning under 0.5" and sewing, then turning under 0.5" and sewing again. Then I attached the two side pieces to the top piece by matching the centers of the long sides and continuing around, using a 0.5" seam allowance, and overlapping the two side pieces with each other to create the doors. Then I finished the piece by sewing the seam allowances down and hemming the bottom edges so that the sides just reach to the floor.

fort too

The kids love it!

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