Saturday, October 23, 2010


sweaterpants front

I was cleaning up my studio this morning and came across a bag of wool sweaters I'd bought at a thrift store and then felted in the washing machine, so I decided to whip up a pair of sweaterpants for James. And I made them too big/convertible (I can take out the stitches in the waistband to unfold it and unroll the cuffs), so they should fit him for a while, maybe even until it warms up again in spring!

I used the sweater's sleeves for legs, a piece of the body for the butt panel, and the neck for the waistband. That little patch going the wrong way on the left leg is covering two holes.

sweaterpants bum


susan s. said...

You are mos' clever, woman!

Jennifer Fogerty-Gibson said...

He looks like a little guy in the bottom photo-he's still a little baby. :0)

greenaccordion said...

so cute:)