Monday, November 8, 2010

Henry's Caterpillar quilt (top)

Caterpillar quilt top

Finally got the top of Henry's quilt done! I started this during the summer, but then put all sewing on hold while we ran around outside for a few months. Now that the weather is turning, we're back on inside activities which means I can get my sewing done. 74" x 52"... now for the back. Henry wants "my name, real big". OK, I can do that.


Jennifer Fogerty-Gibson said...

I love it. I'm feeling bummed about my quilting right now, because my tension on my machine is off and my "quilt pancakes" slip, no matter how well pinned it is.

jmbmommy said...

Love it! I have loved the Eric Carle fabrics, but not so much some of the quilts that I have seen... this is a good 'un!!