Tuesday, May 24, 2011



So, we walk past this nice bend in the river almost daily, and the kids are obsessed with chasing the ducks and geese. They tell me every day that they are going to "catch a duck", and I laugh and wish them good luck and watch them run around like lunatics and of course not catch any.

About two minutes after I snapped this picture, that woman pulled out a bunch of bread and was immediately mobbed by the geese. Otto saw his opportunity and ran up behind the geese and grabbed the biggest one. He picked it up and held it for a split second before it freaked out and started flapping its wings. As we were leaving, I congratulated Otto on finally realizing his goal of catching a goose, and he told me his plan: "next time, mama, you bring bread and hold it and then I can catch even more!"


Big Momma said...

I remember going to the duck pond (a local public park) when I was a little kid and LOVING it! The geese were craaazy. People were always showing up with bread and corn to feed them and I'd pick up spilled/rogue corn until I had a handful and try to get the geese to eat it and giggle if they accidentally bit my finger. One time an old dude gave me what seemed like a huge bag of corn to feed the geese. I was so excited and thought he was just about the most generous random old dude ever.

jmbmommy said...

This is a gooood one!