Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wild West

PORK #3 hit the streets (and the internet yesterday, so here are the full color pictures from the Wild West Style editorial.

sneak peek

Wild West 5

Wild West 1

Wild West 6

Wild West 2

Wild West 7

Wild West 4

Wild West 3

Wild West 10

Wild West 12

Wild West 9

Wild West 11

Wild West 8

Concept and Photography by Katie Aaberg
Fashions by ALLIHALLA
Hair and Makeup by Amelia Hart
Leather by Slash'n'Burn
Additional Wardrobe by Kitsch
Models: Aaron Sullivan, Allison Ditson, Amelia Hart, Janelle Derven, Miranda Jenee


angstiosis said...

This is appropriative and racist. As a reader of this blog, I am disheartened.

Anonymous said...

It's clearly a fun loving themed photo shoot cowboys and indians it's about kitch and americana and fashion and cute girls. If you were truly offended by it then you need to get out more.

Alice said...

This could only be fun loving to a person in a position of privilege. It must be nice to be able to dress up as a stereotype and not think about the consequences of it.

Anonymous said...

when am i going to get to see caricatures of white people? fact is, never. think about that before you tell someone to get out more. maybe you should get your head out your ass more.

Anonymous said...

fuck this racist shit.

Anonymous said...

Fun and fancy free photo shoot! Looks good.

Anonymous said...

what a fucking embarrassment

Anonymous said...

"PORK does not believe in cultural ownership or the concept of 'genuine'. Things are either done well or not done well. "

That's pretty funny because even ignoring all the racist issues, this was not done well at all. Nothing says wild west like a chain link fence in the suburbs.

Just a tip, kids. You should have gone for Evel Knievel, american daredevil-style kitsch, not cowboys and indians. That's what you wanted. Would have been way more fresh than basic-ass shit.

Anonymous said...

when am i going to get to see caricatures of white people?

The cowboys aren't white?

arcane_scholar said...

I agree. This is distasteful and vile. I am extremely disappointed in Pork. These photos need to be taken down and an apology issued to your readers.

It is never okay to have white folks dressing up as people of color. It is disgusting. I will be on an active campaign to share this bullshit photo shoot with everyone I come in contact with and persuade folks to not buy this magazine until Pork owns up to its fuck-up and retracts the photos.

Anonymous said...

I don't see how it can be fun loving about cowboys and Indians, when I don't see anything that demonstrates a person is playing a 'cowboy' role.

Christle (Criddle) said...




Everyone needs to take a breath and calm down. It's easy to sit there and get all offended about stupid shit on the internet, but really? Come on. If this photo shoot was intended to be anything but fun, fucking shoot me.

Alise Marie said...

Only those coming from a place of privilege can call cultural appropriation "fun loving". As a proud member of the Native American community, I find these photos to be incredibly offensive. Native culture is not for you to trivialize with your dime-store headdresses and caked on "war paint".
By perpetuating the stereotypical view of Native people, you are spitting in the face of actual Native Americans.
But, hey! No big deal right? It's fun! It's not like we've been systematically oppressed for centuries or anything!

romham a bear said...

i know this is being called "funloving", but for many folks it just isn't, but rather a continuation of centuries of unaccountable white nonsense here on stolen land. Just because you can't or won't perceive this as appropriative and racist (and why would you without challenging the underlying circumstances of it?), doesn't mean it isn't. Maybe instead of the defensiveness here and on the PORK site, you'll come out of this with a clearer picture of why some folks are so pissed off if you checked out this link?

The worst that can happen (to you anyways) is that you learn a little something about another way to look at this.

anoowtf said...

This brings up a long standing question for me. How much responsibility does one have when it comes to putting out a piece of art? I appreciate the aesthetic of what my comrades have produced. I love these fashions. I enjoy this art. That what this shoot is. I don't believe it is ever the artist's responsibility to apologize for their art.

Anna Ponto said...

Also, the person who claims "when am i going to get to see caricatures of white people? fact is, never." has obviously never seen a Steve Martin film.

Smittened said...

As a person of native heritage that passes, I would never dress up like an "indian" and let someone take pictures of me. I would be downright embarrassed. I hope at least the models are embarrassed at this point. I am embarrassed with the idea someone might think you are part of the radical queer community.

And as a person who was born and raised in the west with REAL LIVE "cowboys" and "indians" I find this whole series ridiculously classist and poorly executed.

Lastly, as an artist. This is not well done. Maybe you have a fancy camera but it takes more than just a fancy camera to make good art. Do your research, this is in no way anywhere near accurate enough to even attach the title "cowboys and Indians"! All I see here is some boring pictures of drunk hipsters playing cultural appropriation dress up. It would be better titled: "Drunk white hipsters playing cultural appropriation dress up."

Anonymous said...

A good tip for anyone: If someone calls you out for being oppressive/ignorant, rather than getting defensive or simply denying any responsibility, try taking a moment to consider that maybe you've done something wrong and talk to them about what they feel the issue is.

No one likes to feel marginalized. No one likes to put themselves out there knowing that they're likely to be written off and called "oversensitive" so when they do, there is generally a cause for it.

What it comes down to is a basic respect, which I'm seeing a really sad lack of. Please check yourselves.

fb said...

Wow! This is awful & I'm saddened by the responses from people who think crap like is FUNNY.

robynlicious said...

Katie, I love you. You make so many beautiful, amazing things. But this... I'm at a loss on the thought process behind this one.

I honestly don't see how this photo shoot of "cowboys & Indians" is any different from dressing up for a shoot of, perhaps, "slave and plantation master" or "German Jew and Nazi". White American cowboys -- systematically KILLED Indians, as well as their various cultures by stealing their children and sending them off to schools specifically to "save the child but kill the Indian in them". There's nothing worth "playing" in any of it.

From the Native Appropriations blog post But Why Can't I Wear Hipster Headdress:
"I'm just wearing it because it's 'ironic'!

"I'm all for irony. Finger mustaches, PBR, kanye glasses, old timey facial hair, 80's spandex--fine, funny, a bit over-played, but ironic, I guess. Appropriating someone's culture and cavorting around town in your skinny jeans with a feathered headdress, moccasins, and turquoise jewelry in an attempt to be ‘counterculture’? Not ironic. If you’re okay with being a walking representative of 500+ years of colonialism and racism, or don’t mind perpetuating the stereotypes that we as Native people have been fighting against for just as long, by all means, go for it. But by embracing the current tribal trends you aren’t asserting yourself as an individual, you are situating yourself in a culture of power that continues to oppress Native peoples in the US."

romham a bear said...

i mean, this

and this

is their reply to critiques.

That kind of says everything i could ever want to know about whether and to what extent these folks will take people's concerns with any seriousness.
They won't. Whether it's because they think this is "art" as some commenters might, and therefore somehow above critique; or because they've gone so far into ironyland that all they can see is their own asses, i couldn't say. But at this point it seems growth is halted.

Dan said...

Smittened said:

"Do your research, this is in no way anywhere near accurate enough to even attach the title "cowboys and Indians"!"

Which is exactly right! Y'all are out of your minds if you think anyone in these photos is trying to look like a "real indian" or a "real cowboy". This is so far away from actual native culture, or cowboy culture, that it doesn't merit the word. No cowboy with any self-esteem would be threatened by this photo shoot, and no Indian should be either.

So why are all these (mostly) white people getting so upset? Isn't it just another kind of cultural appropriation when you take on the mantle of the righteous defender of Native people everywhere, even from imaginary menaces? White guilt is another form of white privilege when it is used in pointless, petty censorship and accusations of thought-crime.

And what's worse, it HARMS THE CAUSE. If you cry racism about every stupid hipster feather earring that you see, no one is going to give a shit when there's a real fight that makes a difference. The PORK photoshoot is not oppressing anyone. Toxic dumping on Indian lands? Yucca Mountain? Those things ARE problems. That stuff is WORTH fighting. It's a question of choosing your battles.

Self-righteousness is an addictive substance. Like any drug, you have to use it sparingly or you become a menace to society.

romham a bear said...

Dan, point taken, but you're making a whole lot of assumptions, including about what people are involved in. i've found it's generally not the case that someone who'll get upset about this kind of shit isn't doing anything else so they can spend all their time on pork lol. Come on, getting pissed at this isn't the same as saying "this is the most important thing evar!" (though im sure pork wouldnt mind that kind of exposure), it's just one more thing adding to the pile.

Dan said...

romham, i'm not making any assumptions about what you do or don't do. but choosing battles is important. the american left is totally ineffective because most americans think of leftists as people who try to make them feel guilty about opaque and insignificant points of racial etiquette that are only relevant to other leftists. extreme oversensivity and a tendency lecture harms recruiting to whatever other cause one might be involved in. guilt is not a good motivator!

for me this whole thing is a fine example of this. lots of anger directed at an image that takes nothing away from anyone (least of all the commenters) and is a universe distant from the many acts of actual racism or cultural appropriation that we could easily find and which deserve serious responses.

Anonymous said...

I honestly don't see how this photo shoot of "cowboys & Indians" is any different from dressing up for a shoot of, perhaps, "slave and plantation master" or "German Jew and Nazi".

1) costumes are easier
2) there are no black people in Oregon
3) also no cotton
4) train tracks would work for Holocaust shoot though

mz. aida said...

A few comments:

- The attitude of "OMG FOCUS ON THE 'REAL' PROBLEMS!" is fucked up. One, working on fixing small problems does NOT mean someone isn't working on fixing the "big ones." Two, the "smaller," more pervasive problems are usually more accessible to address because they are closer to home, perpetuated by many, including loved ones, heroes, and acquaintances. Third, the "big" problems CANNOT fully be addressed of fixed without also addressing the "smaller" ones. Not only because they are part of the problem, but also because they involve the attitudes, people, and ideas that allow the "big" problems to continue.

- Creating art is not an endeavor devoid of responsibility and social consciousness. When putting something out into the world, one should think twice before perpetuating fucked up oppressive images, dynamics, and systems. There are ways to be innovative, creative, in-your-face, and even OFFENSIVE that DO NOT rely on racist tropes.

Please. Think about what you're doing and how it can hurt others, and even hurt activist movements. Is creating "a piece of art" worth all that shit? No. It's not.

Josi said...

I am of the opinion that cheeky cosplay is the result of cultural cross-pollination and not misappropriation... intent counts for something.

These photos are colorful cheesecake, not mockery. In general, I'm not much for sacred cows of any variety, especially when they get in the way of lightheartedness.

The line drawn in the sand by many of those commenting shuts down any meaningful dialogue.

psychotrashska said...

Oppressing and censoring any form of self expression is the opposite of the message that the self-righteous people are screaming. Defining and telling others what they can and can't do, and to take down something just because you don't particularly like it is just as at fault as any Religious, Political, and Racial Extremists that teach hate, scorn, shame and damnation. On either side, whether you are of Native American decent or not, it's not right to teach hate. No matter your race, relation, etc. The terrible things that have happened to each are in the past. None of us are physically or theoretically responsible or wounded, even if you have ancestors that were involved. It was not you yourself. Nothing can be done about what has already been done, except to move forward and teach open mindedness, acceptance, and to stop pointing fingers. Don't oppress others to feel like you're doing something meaningful and sticking it to the man. Save that awesome conviction for standing up for today's important issues that you can help change, whatever that is to you. (Personal examples: war, poverty, hunger, gay rights, etc.) Promote freedom not censorship, let everyone express themselves in whatever way they choose, whether they're white, Native American, gay, short, Asian, blonde, black, purple, writers, or photographers.

romham a bear said...

psychotrashska, wow. How about you tell that to residential school survivors here in canada?
So done with this conversation.

Photo Jeni said...

Are you fucking kidding me? Nothing about those photos is cute or funny. Your playing dress up, and poorly I might add. Really war paint and a bottle of Jack? Is that all my people are to you white kids? A motherfucking joke? I wonder how much of this pussy ass back peddling you would say face to face with a real native? Way to look like a bunch of armature's.

Photo Jeni said...

Excuse me, amateurs. I'd also like to add that there are PLENTY of Native people IN PORTLAND, (Hi it's the third largest population of Native people in the US but I guess you assume we are all Mexican right?) that see shit like this and wonder why non-native people think it's funny, "arty", ironic, creative. It's fucking have no idea, nor will you ever know, what it feels like to have our history. How about reading up on Indian Boarding school's, or the sterilization of Native women that was happening up until the fucking '80s.....please educate yourself. There is not one thing you can say to this Indian that would make me ever think that this photo shoot was ok. Sorry, but you are all in the wrong, and should fucking know better....

Mija said...

Wow! Katie, did you ever think your photos would create all this?!?! You'd think your photos were of native Americans being tied up and beaten. What if these people were dressed up as real Indians wearing saris, nose piercings and bindis, would anyone give a flying &!$#? Doubt it.

Ralphnocerous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Concerned Ass Nigga said...

You crazy ass punkers. Talking about Indians and shit. Da fuck does that shit have to do with my foodstamps?
Who da fuck you think you are to tell this pointy ass honkies how to take pictures, let these bitches take any pictures they want.. Don't even get me started with dressing up and shit, like that civil war reenactment, slavery, and fucking Halloween.

I ain't even ask for reparation for years. I got bigger shit to worry about than fucking Indians and cowboys. Don't make me take back rock'n'roll if you think youre making a difference.

@romham a bear: You're whiter than the palm of my hand that I should slap you with. Fuck Canada.

@Photo Jeni: You aint no representative of minorities or their history. I don't run around telling people to feel sorry for me cause my people were slaves. Fuck Portland.

Katie: Good work, I like the fact that you use REAL women. Not some skeleton with no booty.

For all the haters of this picture. Internet is not for hate, it's for porn.

Monty Full said...

Well, one gauge of whether art is successful is how much of a response it creates, whether positive or negative. So in the degree, kick ass art! And in my opinion, kick ass art! ;) I like the photo shoot...but maybe that's just my white privileged ass speaking.

And srsly, I have to agree with Concerned Ass Nigga. Da fuck does that shit have to do with my foodstamps!?!?!??!?!?!

roadstoride said...

Holy shit, there are some humorless self-righteous prigs around here... no wonder Sean's so down on us liberals all the time.

My favorite, though: "I will be on an active campaign to share this bullshit photo shoot with everyone I come in contact with and persuade folks to not buy this magazine until Pork owns up to its fuck-up and retracts the photos."

Ha! Way to join Pork's volunteer marketing staff!

Christle (Criddle) said...

I just popped in to see if there have been any new comments added here and of course there have been!

Concerned Ass Nigga said it best:
Internet is not for hate, it's for porn.

Also, this may be the best quote I've ever heard:

Wow, these people use "hipster" like they're calling Black people "nigger". Pretty intense.

herfderfglug said...

So, PORK, maybe you should just do a shoot with people in blackface and then yell at everybody about how little being in blackface means to black people. Sounds like the kind of fun you're into, anyway.

noyzboy said...

Noyzboy is inspired ...

vadermask said...

This is in no way racist. WTF?!? Have people become so lame & sensitive that this is what it's come down to: a goofy little photo shoot that's "so racist it's disheartening?!?" Have you ever been to prison? Probably not. County jail? Again, probably not. Live on the streets of Detroit as a "White boy?" Probably not. THEN YOU will experience racism--11% White in prison, a minority in county jail, a REAL, FULL-BLOODED minority on the streets of Detroit, strung out and in pain. That's racism, that's pain, that's injustice. I'm White. Latino & White. I've felt it & I've seen it. I got into hardcorepunk 27 yrs ago so I wouldn't have to encounter this vile stupidity. GTFO here with that p.c. this is racist bullshit & smell the fuckin' coffee!

rauker said...

Whatever. Your can dye your hair as many colors as you want, fill your body full of piercings, and run your loud ass mouth about how you're bravely embracing the ugly. But your just a bunch of privileged ass white kids pissing on people of color. Not any different than the preppy ass fraternity kids or whitebread suburbans who at the end of the day, are just dicks who think and act like they are racially superior. Nothing alternative about this shit - absolutely the status quo.

vadermask / massretaliation said...

Whiney cry babies, wah wah wah. You are sooooo privileged just b/c you're White. You are pissing all over us poor, poor, oppressed "people of color!" Gimme a break! Quit playing the lame-ass played out, 'victim role'. I'm White European Colombian & I live in a predominantly Black city, Detroit. Blacks here don't whine about getting pissed on by us White boys! We get along great & love & respect one another. My Black brothers are my equals! So I was born of Spanish European descent via a Colombian father & a American mother of Polish descent. Oh I had sooooo much f'n white privilege, hooray for me. But wait, I'm supposed to feel oh-so guilty about this. I'd better start degrading myself & apologizing for everyone else's shortcomings. Poor them, lucky me. All these 'people of color' need my help! They all need the big strong White-man to come to their defense. Yeah, that's the idiotic liberal approach. You have no idea how my life has been and whether or not I am privileged as a "White" (which your sorry racist ass just assumes I am, cuz of your own lame ass racist thought patterns) person. Try living in the real world.

Pink7 said...
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Bearspirit said...

I am Native American this make me sick and you guys don't know nothing about are ways at all you guys think put a feather on your head make you think you Native. People like you guys we don't need enemy at all.

Idle No More!!!!

A Sacred place of Gratitude and Joy said...

I am Native American, clearly you are aware that insulting people directly, or indirectly overtly or covertly is legally unacceptable...perhaps with out notice an attorney shows up at you rdoor asking why it is acceptable to degrade Native Americans! I DO not see any reason why an attorney should not send you a letter, etc...HHMMMM...mmmaybe that is not such a bad idea! and this "vadermask might consider changing his can be traced via the internet...supervened of necessary! Legal much?! the artist needs to explain herself before she ends up in legal deep shit!