Saturday, October 8, 2011

PORK #4 - No! No! No! I'm Not a Juvenile Delinquent!

you know you can drink this stuff, right?

call up the girls, it's time for some fun!

PORK #4 outtake

someone has to pay for all that hairspray and bubblegum!

why is this called wino alley?

are we there yet?

PORK #4 outtake

we're outta here!

a quick bathroom break and we're ready to go!

I said a "quick bathroom break!"

this one's for the woodcarving badge!

Porkettes! Fall 2011

who's stuck up?

Photos from the center spread of PORK #4 (plus a few outtakes). Read the whole issue here!

Models: Amelia, Alli, Bailey, Miranda, Aaron.
Photography by Katie Aaberg.
Hair and makeup by Amelia Hart.
Outfits by the Porkettes.
Studs and spikes by
Thanks to Shannon & the Clams for t-shirts.

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