Friday, April 16, 2010


Took my last bike ride today and put Blueby away in the shed for the next 3 months or so.

(Photo taken by Sean.)


Miss Amelia said...

aww. bittersweet.

Alchemy Jen said...

I love so much that you love that Nishiki! It really makes me smile. I love my Sears touring bike, too. I wish we were closer to the bike paths like you are.

Just curious-why do you have to stop? Did your midwife say "okay Katie, at 32 weeks you're done with the bike" or something like that? And, I'm just guessing on the 32 weeks. Or, are you just feeling like it's time to stop at this stage of your pregnancy?

Katie said...

It's just getting uncomfortable to ride at this point. If Pip is sitting up high, it makes it hard to breathe, and if Pip is low (seems to have dropped this week), my thighs hit my belly while I'm pedaling and the seat is putting too much pressure on my nether regions.

My midwife said to keep riding as long as I felt like it. This was it.