Monday, April 5, 2010

redwork quilt top

redwork quilt top

Got the top for the redwork quilt finished yesterday! Next up is the quilting (not quite sure how I'm going to do it, but I have a couple of ideas), and then binding (using the same small polka dot at the corners of the triplane). This is shaping up really nicely! It's a bit big for a baby quilt (47" square), but I want it to last a while before it's outgrown.

Better bigger.


Bean said...

love it!! I need to find more time to sew <3

susan s. said...

I see a hedgehog!!!! This is lovely, Katie. But then again, your stuff always is.

Alchemy Jen said...

Ooh, I get the pattern! I love it. That seems like a pattern (the small red squares) that I could make sense of. One day I'll make a quilt. Then we can put it next to your quilts and all have a nice big belly laugh about how mine looks like a 6th grade home ec project and yours looks like a fine art exhibit on textiles.
You rule. You've got some lucky kids.

Katie said...

Thanks everyone!