Tuesday, April 20, 2010

so much to do, who knows how much time

I'm 34 weeks pregnant today, which means I have 6 weeks to go until my due date, but only 3 weeks left until I'm considered "full term" (Pip would not be considered premature & I am OK to deliver at the birth center). Otto was born at 39 weeks and Henry was born at 41 weeks, so I'm pretty sure I have at least 5 weeks, but you never know with these babies.

I have a lot of stuff I want to get done in that time frame. Mostly for my own reference, but also for anyone else who is curious, here's what I'd like to accomplish before Pip shows up:

A list (need to get this stuff done!)
finish Pip's redwork quilt 9done 4/29!)
finish the squares quilt (done 4.22!)
photograph both quilts
wash/sort all newborn baby stuff
get newborn carseat out of storage and ready to install
finish/submit proposal for Hoopla

B list (would really like to get this stuff done)
finish my American flag
secret grunions for someone special
write patterns for redwork and squares quilts
finish more embroidery patterns
finish up amigurumis
assemble 2-4 blocks for my cathedral windows quilt

C list (super extra credit/if I go overdue)
write patterns for autobahn and dog quilts
write patterns for amigurumis
get my online shop up
mei-tai carrier for Pip
doll quilt for Amelia's birthday

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